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"While I was in training at Dynamic Changes Hypnosis Center in NYC, Sara allowed me to shadow her and observe her sessions. She was a competent, capable hypnotist and coach for her clients. Sara and I worked together and I noted that she was always considerate, knowledgeable, proactive, and willing to go the extra mile to help a colleague or a client”

- Scott Hoye, Hypnotist/Counselor in Brooklyn & Manhattan, NYC, Dynamic Changes Hypnosis Centers, LLC

“Sara has been a catalyst in helping me to join my creativity with business acumen, making me a more successful professional singer.”

Angela Idealism, Singer/Songwriter

“An intelligent, nurturing woman who offers powerful, effective techniques that respect your individuality and control of your own destiny.”

Kim Chaskel, Marketing Consultant

“I have benefited much through Sara’s guidance and expertise. She is a truly gifted practitioner who applies innovative techniques through NLP. She has helped me to discover my new, true self by eradicating any self- destructive beliefs I once held. I definitely recommend Sara to those who wish to heal themselves. ”

Krista S., Massage Practitioner

“I first got to know Sara Delphine through her meditation CD which is extraordinary. I’ve also benefited tremendously from the Hypnotherapy sessions I later experienced with her and was amazed that she could be so effective long distance (via telephone). I was very favorably impressed with her skills as a therapist in the interview/exploratory part of the sessions. The visualizations and deep work is relaxing and lasting. I found it to be more effective over time. The sessions with her have changed my relationship with my health positively. ”

Denslow Brown/ Organizer Coach

“Since doing NLP Coaching work with Sara, my relationships are better. I have more self-confidence which allows me to be more objective and to communicate in a healthier manner. The processes enabled me to realize my “buttons” and diffuse them. As a result of working with Sara, I have found more effective and productive emotional tools. Even though I worked on specific problems, such as test anxiety and my relationship with my boyfriend, I found that other areas of my life were also positively affected by this work. When I compare my experiences with NLP Coaching to past experiences with traditional therapy, I can honestly state that NLP has been as helpful, if not more, and has taken much less time.”

-Kathleen L., Professional Child Care Worker

“I noticed a difference in my test-taking abilities after my NLP Coaching session; I was more centered, confident and able to retrieve the necessary information easily.”

-Megan P., Licensed Acupuncture

If you are thinking about hypnotherapy, go see Sara Delphine. I refer everyone I know to her, she’s an excellent practitioner.

I went to see her to talk about 3 separate issues (that I didn’t think at the time were interrelated) which involved performance anxiety in the realm of theatre, body issues from years of ballet dancing and time management.

After speaking to her at length I realized that they were all inextricably linked. After just one session with Sara, I have made great strides on the topics we discussed. I can confidently state that Sara Delphine is at the top of her profession. She has my strongest recommendation.

-Deirdre K. Producer/Performer

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